Hi it's Mike and Jon here ! ... we're two local lads who met through music and quickly found we shared similar thoughts regarding the lack of a quality classical music venue in Liverpool that could offer great music in a friendly, welcoming and unpretentious atmosphere without the tiresome snobbery that seems to cling on to the coat-tails of the works of the Great Composers.

We thought we'd like to rescue the music from the city's 'intimidating temples'  and bring it back to the people in an intimate setting at an affordable price, without compromising on quality.

Beginning in 2012, we are now in our ELEVENTH year of presenting concerts and what started with a chamber music bias has now diversified in to an eclectic mix of genres (Classical to Django Jazz, Welsh Folk, Flamenco and Russian Klezma !!! ) featuring an assorted array of  instruments (violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, recorder, flute, spinnet, Arabic oud and balalaika to name just a few ! ) in ensemble and solo format.

With the help of our good friends and volunteers at the Nordic Church the seasons go from strength to strength ...

and of course with the unwaivering support of our loyal band of enthusiastic concertgoers we are inspired to continue to provide something we believe is worthwhile and unique here in our great city.

So if you fancy an enjoyable evening in the company of like-minded people, come along ... this season's gonna be great !

Mike & Jon

Jon Edwards ... "After attending concerts for most of my adult life I got tired of going out of town ... so I decided to do something about it in my home town in the hope that a few fellow Liverpudlians and visitors might be interested ... the rest is history as they say.

When I am not involve in concerts I work  at Doug Brady Hifi ... an audio shop who have been generous in support of our concerts to date."


 great music & atmosphere & affordable price !

Michael Phoenix is a violin maker/restorer/repairer based in the Garden Workshop at the Bluecoat Art Centre (the oldest building in the city centre) and also at the Woodland Workshop situated in an eleven acre mature woodland near Nercwys , Mold in North Wales. 

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