SATURDAY 5th Nov at 7:30 pm

SATURDAY 17th Dec at 7:30 pm

***  Please note wheelchair access is limited. The chapel is upstairs and there is no lift available currently ... though this will change in the near future as the Nordic Church is currently fund raising for a lift installation.  ***

SATURDAY 29th Oct at 7:30 pm

Details to follow.

Christmas 2022 Concert by Candlelight 

SATURDAY 24th Sept at 7:30 pm

SATURDAY 26th Nov at 7:30 pm

Details to follow.

The Chapel has only 110 seats so book your ticket in advance securely with a credit/debit card through  PayPal (you don't need an account to check-out as a guest) or in person at the Violin Workshop in the Bluecoat Art Centre garden. 

Any remaining tickets will be sold on the door until sold out.

The concerts are 'E-TICKET' ... which means there is NO PHYSICAL PAPER TICKET ... when you book online we are notified automatically  so there is no need to print or bring any proof of purchase with you ... we just do good old fashioned ‘names at the door’.

SATURDAY 27th August at 7:30 pm

Details to follow.


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... further 2023 concerts coming soon !!!

Phuket Quartet with guest vocalist Emily Eccles (The Soul Project) by Candlelight 

Our first concert since February 2020 features oodles of groove and an eclectic set from :

Jack Crone - bass
Joseph Massey - drums
Ollie Stone - Guitars
Bryan Walsh - Keys
Richie Mack - Sound / Production Engineer
Emily Eccles - Guest Vocalist (The Soul Project)

Hello Everybody and welcome to Mike and Jon's Concerts web site. 

All concerts take place at the Nordic Church, 138 Park Lane, L1 8HG and are priced at £16 which includes a welcome glass of wine ( *concession price of £10 on some concerts for under 18's and students ).


The Nordic Kitchen Cafe is open 30 minutes before the performance and during the interval to purchase tea/coffee and the famous Nordic cakes.

Neil Campbell (Classical guitar - loop soundscapes) by Candlelight 

Liverpool composer and multi-instrumentalist Neil Campbell has been described by Classical Guitar Magazine as 'an outstanding guitarist whose originality of thought makes him far more than just another gifted purveyor of finger acrobatics' and by Sean Bradbury, Getintothis, as 'a man whose fingers have the ability to harness any imaginable sound in any given style’. 

Neil’s solo performances often involve him using loops and other technology to expand the sound and scope of what one performer can do with the classical guitar. As a soloist he has performed in the UK and Europe, and has been a regular performer at the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain. 

The amazing acoustics of a candlelit Nordic chapel promises this concert to be a real musical massage for the ears.